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Insurance Executive Forum (IEF) is a not-for-profit organization that aims to create a platform for facilitating thought leadership and exchange of ideas within a peer group of Insurance Leaders.

IEF intends to build a trusted environment for Insurance Executives to network and enrich themselves with learnings from their peers. Membership is through referrals and invitation only.

How we’re different

IEF is a digital-first insurer, using technology to make Life Insurance simpler, smarter and more rewarding.


Share Lessons Learned

Our purpose is to not only introduce new ideas and concepts but to also share lessons learned from those insurance leaders that are innovating and transforming their organizations.


Product Innovations

Selective product partners share information regarding technology and innovation in the insurance industry.


Exclusive Membership

Our membership circle is exclusive through referrals and invitation only, ensuring appropriate peer group attends the sessions and discussions are always relevant to the audience.


Digital Agenda

All our conferences are related to Digital implementations in the Insurance industry.

How we’re different

Our sponsors bring unrivalled expertise and have supported the growth of some of Europe’s leading businesses.


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